Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall, Christmas Car, Circus Mondolino & Exclusive 3/08 Announcements

Marklin recently announced New items for Fall, this year's Christmas Cars, a revised & expanded Circus Mondolino assortment and the third issue of Exclusive items (3/08). Some already appear in our stock and advance orders can be placed for any of these:

M0775 2008 Fall Item Long Henry Display w/12 Cars (price for 1 car) Limited 36.00
M0783 2008 Fall Item CASE Construction Machinery Display w/12 Machines (price for 1 machine) Limited 28.80
M140401 2008 Märklin Fall Releases Brochure N/C 0.00
M26001 Due to FCC requirements, this set might become available to order in 2009, but cannot be currently ordered. 2008 Fall Item Mobile Vision ICE with Video Glasses - Special EXTRA Discount (no additional discounts) 1099.00
M26410 2008Q4 Digital DB Karlsruhe Train Excl. 3/08 545.60
M29411 2008Q4 Circus Mondolino Starter Set w/Infrared Control 171.60
M37774 2008 Fall Item DB SVT 04 Diesel Railcar Train 616.00
M37866 2008 Fall Item SBB Red Arrow Rail Car Limited 440.00
M37904 2008 Fall Item DB AG Cl 290 Diesel Switch Locomotive 352.00
M46470 2008Q4 DB AG 3-Pc. Tank Car Set Excl. 3/08 118.80
M47040 2008Q4 DB 2-Pc Flat Car Set with Containers Excl. 3/08 105.60
M48408 2008 Fall Item HO Christmas Car Limited 39.60
M60173 2008 Fall Item Digital Booster (replaced M60172) 264.00
M60213 2008 Fall Item Digital Central Station (replaced M60212) 792.00
M77500 2008 Fall Item Coaling Station 396.00
M78070 2008Q4 Railroad Crossing Track Extension Set Excl 3/08 140.80
M78090 2008Q4 Circus Mondolino Animal Care Expansion Set 23.76
M78091 2008Q4 Circus Mondolino Circus Performers Expansion Set 23.76
M78092 2008Q4 Circus Mondolino Circus Tent Expansion Set 74.80
M78093 2008Q4 Circus Mondolino Beasts of Prey Expansion Set 23.76
M78094 2008Q4 Circus Mondolino Tightrope Dancer Expansion Set 23.76
M78095 2008Q4 Circus Mondolino Colorful Track Expansion Set 23.76
M80618 2008 Fall Item Z Christmas Car Limited 42.24
M88972 2008Q4 DB Class 44 Steam Locomotive Excl. 3/08 316.80
M89205 2008 Fall Item Coaling Station 264.00
M89931 2008 Fall Item Z Roller Test Stand with 4 Blocks 220.00
M89932 2008 Fall Item Z Roller Test Stand with 8 Blocks 325.60
M89933 2008 Fall Item Z Roller Test Stand Block 32.56



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