Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Collector items we obtained

A good customer sadly passed away last April. We have purchased his items back from his widow. The only "used" items he had were items he bought that were already used. We learned he never set up a layout in spite of having a lot of brand new track still in their boxes. He liked the USA prototype pieces in particular! Some items already sold but here is the majority of what we purchased:

"GSxxxx" are "used" items. They appear on our website at modellbahnott.com/marklinhomepage/used whereas the new items appear in our regular listing and carry a full two year warranty.

GS1315B (M24611) C LEFT TURNOUT - Powered & Digitalized ($84.06
NEW) 51.95
GS1316A (M24620) Double Slip Turnout 29.99
GS1316B (M24624) Double Slip Turnout Powered, Lighted - ($97.62
NEW) 67.95
GS1316C (M24624) Double Slip Turnout Powered, Lighted & Digitalized -
($118.74 NEW) 74.95
GS1326 (M24530) 6pcs./Box 99Q2 C Track Curved Track 25-5/16in. 3.65
GS1333 (M24206) 6pcs./Box WIDE CURVE 5.7 DEGREE 1.95
GS1342 (M24712) 99Q3 C Track Right Wide Radius Turnout 9-5/16in. -
minimal usage 24.99
GS1345 (M24978) C LIGHTED BUMPER 8.5
GS1346 (M24640) C CROSSING 24.3 DEGREE 10.99
GS1347 (M37490) PRR type GG1 Heavy General Purpose Locomotive (E)
(Prototypically Painted version) - Very light adult usage! 399.95
M18752 2006Q2 Fire Dept Vehicle Equipment Truck 25.16
M37492 2007 (January) Digital PRR GG-1 Electric Locomotive (Tuscan
Red) (E) 589.00
M37611 2004Q3 Digital Diesel Locomotive type ALCO PA-1 AT & SF 433.23
M41551 Summer 2004 Harry Potter 3-Car Set - Discontinued 2005 146.51
M43601 Fall '98 Santa Fe Coach 107.47
M43602 Fall '98 Santa Fe Sleeper Coach 107.47
M43603 Fall '98 Santa Fe Baggage Car 107.47
M43604 2002 (October) AT & SF Santa Fe Railway Observation Car 138.17
M45580 2004Q4 Tank 3 Car Set type 105A ACF (L) - Discontinued 2005
M45650 2005Q2 PRR type XM Freight 3-Car Set (E) 133.35
M45651 2005Q2 AT & SF type XM Freight 3-Car Set (E) 133.35
M45705 2005Q4 PRR type N5c Caboose (E) 64.68
M4580 (Brand New Old Stock) Sold Out Autumn '95 4/95 Caboose &
Flatcar 150th Anniv. of Texas Car Set 128.92
M46117 NLA 12/12/2006 2005Q4 Excl 4/05 DB Fire Dept. Fire
Extinguishing Water Car 68.58
M47911 2005Q4 Excl 4/05 DB AG Fire Dept. Fire Extinguishing Water
Car 39.91
M48667 2002Q3 H.D. Flatcar w/Airport Firetruck - Excl 3/02 87.21


2010 Deliveries as of October 19th

Marklin has been delivering new items on a monthly basis. These new items have been delivered to us so far:

M26351 2010 Qtr.2 Digital Historic Adler Passenger Train Set in
Wooden Case (L) (HO Scale) 728.99
M26558 2010 Qtr.1 Digital DB Steel Pipe Heavy Freight Train Set with
Sound (L) (HO Scale) 872.99
M26559 2010 Qtr.2 Digital Branch Line Passenger Train Set (L) (HO
Scale) 431.99
M26562 2010 Qtr.2 Digital NS Dutch Museum Train with Sound (L) (HO
Scale) 584.99
M36140 2010 Qtr.2 Digital K.W.St.E. class T3 Tank Locomotive (HO
Scale) 98.99
M36740 2010 Qtr.1 Digital DB class 74 Tank Locomotive (HO Scale)
M36744 2010 Qtr.3 Digital NS class 5906 Tank Locomotive (L) (HO
Scale) 161.99
M37010 2010 Qtr.3 Digital DB AG class 110 Pants Crease Electric
Locomotive (HO Scale) 395.99
M37116 2010 Qtr.2 Digital DRG class 18.1 Express Locomotive with
Sound (L) (HO Scale) 584.99
M37211 2010 Qtr.2 Digital DB) class V 140 001 Diesel Locomotive with
Sound (HO Scale) 431.99
M37283 2010 Qtr.2 Digital DB) class V 188 Double Unit Diesel Electric
Locomotive with Sound (L) (HO Scale) 584.99
M37320 2010 Qtr.1 Dgtl SBB Era IV Cl. Re 10/10 Double Electric
Locomotive Set, Green (HO Scale) 854.99
M37453 2010 Qtr.1 Digital DRB class 45 Steam Locomotive with Tender
(EX) Category: H0 Locomotives (HO Scale) 710.99
M37483 2010 Qtr.2 Digital DB class E 70.2 Electric Locomotive (HO
Scale) 431.99
M37504 2010 Qtr.2 Digital DB class ET 420 S-Bahn Powered Rail Car
Train (HO Scale) 512.99
M37513 2010 Qtr.2 Digital SBB class Ae 3/6 II Electric Express
Locomotive with Sound (L) (HO Scale) 323.99
M37624 2010 Qtr.2 Digital PRR F7 A-B-A Diesel Electric Locomotive
with Sound (L) (HO Scale) 800.99
M37674 2010 Qtr.1 Digital SNCB/NMBS class 5533 Diesel Locomotive with
Sound (L) (HO Scale) 431.99
M37831 2010 Qtr.2 Digital DSB class N Litra Steam Locomotive with
Tender (HO Scale) 566.99
M37832 2010 Qtr.1 Digital ÖBB class 50 Steam Locomotive w/ Tender
with Sound (HO Scale) 566.99
M37967 2010 Qtr.1 Digital GVB class 96 Tank Locomotive with Sound (L)
(HO Scale) 629.99
M37976 2010 Qtr.1 Digital PRR Mikado L-1 Steam Locomotive w/Tender
with Sound (HO Scale) 584.99
M37977 2010 Qtr.2 Digital K.Bay.Sts.B. class B VI Steam Locomotive
w/Tender with Sound (L) (HO Scale) 656.99
M39081 2010 Qtr.1 Digital DB class VT 08.5 Diesel Powered Rail Car
Train with Sound (L) (HO Scale) 872.99
M39185 2010 Qtr.1 Digital DB AG class 218 Diesel Locomotive with
Sound (HO Scale) 395.99
M39303 2010 Qtr.1 Digital DB class V 300 Diesel Locomotive with Sound
(HO Scale) 584.99
M39441 2010 Qtr.1 Digital DRG class E 44 Electric Locomotive (HO
Scale) 431.99
M39646 2010 Qtr.1 Digital DB class 64 Tank Locomotive (L) (HO
Scale) 359.99
M42762 2010 Qtr.2 DRG D 119 Express Train Passenger 4-Car Set (L) (HO
Scale) 305.99
M42763 2010 Qtr.2 DRG D 119 Express Train Passenger 2-Car Set (L) (HO
Scale) 161.99
M43473 2010 Qtr.2 CFL Commuter 2-Car Set (L) (HO Scale) 98.99
M43502 2010 Qtr.2 DB AG InterRegio Bistro Café Passenger Car (HO
Scale) 47.69
M43503 2010 Qtr.2 DB AG InterRegio 2nd Class Passenger Car (HO
Scale) 47.69
M43790 2010 Qtr.3 ICE 2 Bord Restaurant Dining Car (HO Scale) 53.09
M43892 2010 Qtr.2 DB S-Bahn Commuter 4-Car Set (HO Scale) 269.99
M44200 2010 Qtr.1 Darmstädter Beer Car (HO Scale) 18.89
M44201 2010 Qtr.2 Langnese Refrigerator Car (HO Scale) 18.89
M45642 2010 Qtr.1 American Freight 10-Car Set (HO Scale) 503.99
M46094 2010 Qtr.1 DRB Freight 6-Car Set (EX) Category: H0 Car Sets
(HO Scale) 197.99
M46542 2010 Qtr.1 GATX Tank 6-Car Set (EX) Category: H0 Car Sets (HO
Scale) 233.99
M46770 2010 Qtr.2 Lanz Rail Tractor (L) (HO Scale) 53.09
M46921 2010 Qtr.2 DB Stake 3-Car Set w/Steel Pipe Load (L) (HO
Scale) 98.99
M46922 2010 Qtr.2 DSB Stake 3-Car Set w/Ship Parts Load (L) (HO
Scale) 116.99
M46935 2010 Qtr.2 German Federal Army: Transport by Rail for ISAF Yak
(Duro) Vehicle (HO Scale) 4MFOR 63.89
M48724 2010Q4 THW Flat 3-Car Set (Excl 2/10) (HO Scale) 135
M48727 2010 Qtr.3 German Federal Army: Trans by Rail M 48 G Combat
Tank (HO Scale) 4MFOR 74.69
M48728 2010 Qtr.3 German Federal Army: Trans by Rail Fuchs Arm
Vehicle as 1st Aid Vehicle (HO Scale) 4MFOR 66.59
M48729 2010 Qtr.3 German Federal Army: Trans by Rail Fuchs Light
Armored Vehicle (HO Scale) 4MFOR 63.89
M48737 2010 Qtr.3 German Federal Army: Trans by Rail Leopard 1 Battle
Tank (HO Scale) 4MFOR 72.89
M48738 2010 Qtr.3 German Federal Army: Trans by Rail UN Fuchs Light
Armored Vehicle (HO Scale) 4MFOR 63.89
M60112 2010 Qtr.1 Digital Connector Box for 1 Gauge 72.89
M78075 2010 Qtr.2 Solenoid Accessories Extension Set (HO Scale) 179.99
M82359 2010 Qtr.2 Heavy-Duty Flat 2-Car Set (Z Scale) 89.99
M82599 2010 Qtr.3 DB AG Pipe Transport Set with 3 Stake Cars (Z
Scale) 116.99
M88586 2010Q2 DB Railion Cl 182 Electric Locomotive (Summer
Announcement) (Z Scale) 287.99
M94343 2010Q3 Steiff Train Set in Wooden Box (Summer Announcement)
(HO Scale) 233.99


Friday, June 25, 2010

Marklin and Trix Preorder Program - Last Day TODAY!

Today is the last day to get OUR BEST PRICES in our Marklin and Trix Preorder Program. We've sent out packages and reminder emails and today is the last day to get the best discounts. Thanks in advance for your Preorders! - Bill Ott


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Annual Marklin and Trix Preorder Program

For the first time in 27 years of business, the Marklin & Trix New item brochures we normally receive in early March, still have NOT ARRIVED from Walthers. For that reason, we are extending our Early Bird Preorder Program indefinitely until we receive the brochures and mail our Preorder Packages to our customers. Our previous posting explains the poor delivery situation with Walthers since we ordered these brochures in early February, like all years in the past. Customers will still earn the EXTRA 5-10% Discount off of our normal prices AND and ADDITIONAL 3% until the program ends. Save now!


Marklin Deliveries...or the lack thereof

For 2010, the deliveries of Marklin products to the USA through Walthers has been very poor. The factory is producing just fine. And it's not that we're not ordering restocks, it's that the fill rates on our orders have been pathetic at best. This week's order containing 90 different Marklin items (lines) is having only 25 different Marklin items being shipped. That's less than a 28% fill rate. Walther's is not maintaining the stock levels we enjoyed with Marklin, Inc. and have moved into the apparent mode of "ordering from the factory after the dealers order the items". This has resulted in our inability to keep even the bread and butter items in stock. We just wanted to let you know that we're doing our best to keep the items you need in stock. The supply chain just isn't cooperating. Walther's is just now receiving their second shipment for the year. We ran numbers this morning for 2010 and NOT including "New" items, we've ordered 343 lines this year and 265 remain on backorder. (77.26%!!!) Worse than we thought.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Outdoor RC Track Construction Beginning

We have contracted to have our Outdoor RC Track construction begin the week of 4/19. The drivers' stand being built will be 24' long so there should be sufficient room for 8-10 racers at any one time. They will stand approximately 8 feet above the track. We're requesting the building permit to allow a walk-up ramp on the back side of the stand to facilitate "assisted" wheelchair access to the stand. Ground preparation for the track is also expected to begin shortly.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marklin Trains New Items (Early Bird Preordering)

We finally received our first copy of the new item brochure so we are working on improving the information on our web site for all of the Marklin new items for 2010. As we scan our way through the brochure, we are uploading these improved photos with the accompanying textual descriptions. Early Bird Pricing is BEST through April 15th.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Slot Track Racing Lap Counter System

We have now installed Slot Track Racing Lap Counter Systems on both of our Slot tracks and will begin organized racing as soon as we determine our customers' needs and desires.

Meanwhile, we have started offering Slot Racing Parties and our first party here was held on February 20th. (see below) Parties can be either 90 minutes or two hours long with food. Rates start at $89.95 for an unlimted number of party-goers!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marklin & Trix 2010 Preorder Program

We have just finished uploading our 2010 Marklin & Trix Early Bird Preorder Program. This preorder program has the LOWEST PRICES for new items! We discount an ADDITIONAL 5-10% in our Preorder Program and until April 15th, these Early Bird Preorder Prices are discounted an additional 3%. Order NOW to get our BEST PRICES!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Marklin Older Style Catenary

We have received a collection of the older style catenary for Marklin HO. It consists of 123 7009 masts, power masts, bridge masts, tower masts, various lengths of catenary wires (about 200 pieces) and some spans. We hadn't had any 7009 masts in over 3 years and we've had numerous customers looking for these parts so we were glad to find them.