Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Märklin 2008 New item deliveries

In the past 2 days we've received 2 shipments of Märklin New items for 2008 directly from Walther's. All shipments will now come from Walther's. These items arrived:

M36825 2008Q2 Digital British Army on the Rhine Royal Corps of Trans (RCT) Diesel Loco (L) - 4MFOR 255.20
M37636 2008Q1 Dgtl CFL type MaK 1206 Diesel Loco (L) 378.40
M37848 2008Q1 Dgtl DB cl 50 Steam Loco w/Tender 536.80
M39421 2008Q1 Dgtl SBB/CFF/FFS cl Re 4/4 Electric Loco 404.80
M43381 2008Q1 SBB/CFF/FFS type B 2nd class Lightweight Steel Passenger Car 57.20
M43401 2008Q1 SBB/CFF/FFS type D Lightweight Steel Baggage Car 57.20
M44196 2008Q1 Alfred Ritter Refrigerator Car 17.60
M44197 2008Q1 Klosterbrauerei Andechs Beer Car 17.60
M46460 2008Q2 DB AG Sulfuric Acid Tank 3-Car Set 114.40
M47950 2008Q2 British Army on the Rhine: Set with Loaded Supply Vehicles and Crew Car (L) - 4MFOR 130.24
M48008 2008Q2 2008 H0 Museum Car (L) 70.40
M56160 2008Q1 Gantry Signal Tower Building Kit 132.00
M56180 2008Q1 Coaling Station Building Kit 154.00
M72896 2008Q1 28 Foot Loco Shed for Small Locos Building Kit 19.36
M89702 2008Q2 Neuwintersdorf Station w/Freight Shed Building Kit 45.76


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Website Updated With Thumbnail Images

Over the past few days we've been working on adding thumbnail images to various pages on our web site. Of particular interest are the Märklin ordering pages which now have these miniature photos in the tables that load for ordering (reached via http://www.modellbahnott.com/marklinhomepage/ourprices ). The images will cause the pages to load a bit slower but in these days of widespread broadband usage, the delay should be minimal. This change also highlights those items where photos are not available. The "broken link" symbol indicates that neither size image is available. In many cases, items such as books, old catalogs and the like hardly justify preparation of an image. In other cases, such as products we've had prior to the "internet era", we can focus on adding images for those items.

We also expect to expand this change to other sections of our site if customer reception is positive!

We ENCOURAGE (even solicit) your comments about these changes. If customers find that page loading is too slow we may prepare two sets of ordering pages, one with thumbnail images and the other without. That adds considerable complications though.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Märklin Digital Boosters Update

Märklin has indicated that the M60172 Digital Booster announced in 2005 (yes, 2005) is still not listed in the production schedule for 2008. It has never been released. We decided to make another production run of our own MO625 100va Digital Booster and it's companion MO630 130va Power Supply Transformer and these are now in stock. We are also trying to obtain the discontinued M6017 Digital Boosters which may become available around mid-Summer.