Friday, October 9, 2009

Marklin Trains New Fall Items and Christmas Cars

Today we received the announcements for the limited number of new Fall Items and the two Annual Christmas Cars. We have been told to expect the Christmas Cars to be in limited supply so please orders yours SOON!

M37274 2009Q4 Digital SNCB Class 59 Diesel Locomotive - Limited Fall Item $398.70

M07485 2009Q4 150 Years of Marklin Anniversary Book (German Text) - Limited Fall Item $36.90

M48409 2009Q4 Annual HO Christmas Car - Limited Fall Item $35.10

M80619 2009Q4 Annual Z Christmas Car - Limited Fall Item $40.50


Friday, October 2, 2009

Marklin Trains Exclusiv Announcement 3/09

These new items were announced by Marklin as the 3rd Exclusiv releases for 2009. The brochures for these items are not being delivered to the USA since they will not be producing an English language version. The images on our website will be improved if a better source presents itself.

M26543 2009Q4 Digital DB Class 23 Steam Loco Train w/3 Silberling Cars Excl 3/09 666.90
M36423 2009Q4 Digital DB AG CL 234 Ludmilla Diesel Locomotive Excl 3/09 213.30
M39302 2009Q4 Digital ML 2200 CC Large Diesel Locomotive Excl 3/09 533.70
M47016 2009Q4 DB AG Flatcar with Load Excl 3/09 50.40
M48718 2009Q4 THW 2 Flatcar Set with Vehicle Load Excl 3/09 106.20
M88131 2009Q4 DB AG Class 234 Ludmilla Diesel Locomotive Excl 3/09 253.80
T15272 2009Q4 Minitrix DHL 5 Flatcar with Containers Set Excl 3/09 125.10
T24425 2009Q4 Trix Winner Spedition 3 Flatcars with Containers Set Excl 3/09 175.50