Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Marklin, Trix, Faller and Kibri New Item Arrivals

Marklin has resumed shipping with vigor! These are arriving as our initial deliveries of both 2008 and 2009 items.

M26551 2009 Qtr.1 Dgtl DB AG Era V Lime Transport Freight Train w/ Ludmilla (L) $423.00

M37253 2008Q4 Dgtl DB cl Kittel DT8 Steam Powered Rail Car $284.80

M37626 2009 Qtr.2 Dgtl NS Era V PORTFEEDERS Diesel Locomotive (L) $369.00

M37723 2009 Qtr.1 Dgtl DB AG Era V Cl. 212 Diesel Locomotive $270.00

M39012 2009 Qtr.2 Dgtl DB Era IV Cl. 001 Express Steam Locomotive w/Tender $522.00

M39182 2009 Qtr.2 Dgtl DB cl 218 Diesel Locomotive (EX) Category: H0 Locomotives $333.00

M42954 2009 Qtr.2 Era V ALEX Passenger Car, 2nd Class $49.50

M43928 2008Q4 DB 2nd class type Büm 234 Express Train Passenger Car $57.85

M46541 2009 Qtr.2 DB AG Era V Wascosa Tank Car Set (L) $216.00

M48714 2008Q4 German Federal Army: Transport for Leopard 1 Tanks - 4MFOR $71.20

M58364 2009 Qtr.2 2009 1 Gauge Museum Car Set (L) $306.00

M78051 2009 Qtr.1 Emergency Train Theme Extention Set $81.00

M80020 2009 Qtr.2 2009 Z Gauge Museum Car Set (L) $45.00

M88054 2009 DB cl 53.0 Steam Locomotive with Condensation Tender (L) - Summer Announcement $414.00

T15360 2009 Qtr.2 2009 Minitrix Museum Car Set (L) $38.70

T24415 2009 Qtr.1 DB Era IV Bunker Oil Car Set, 3 Cars $108.00

These are New Faller and Kibri kits for 2009 that have arrived:

F110120 Lichtenberg Station - 2009 $119.99

F130315 Single Family House - 2009 $24.99

F130316 Single Family House - 2009 $24.99

F130317 Single Family House - 2009 $24.99

F130318 Single Family House - 2009 $29.99

F130523 Hay Bale Store with Workshop - 2009 $33.99

F130978 Waagner and Company Furniture Company - 2009 $91.99

F140340 Fun Fair Set - 2009 $149.99

K8513 Society Building - 2009 $24.99

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

New PennZee Z Scale Reefers and Hopper Cars

It has been over 2 years since we received any new items from PennZee. Prices rose slightly. These two items arrived here today:

PZ1028 4 Car Set Reading Hopper Cars w/Loads $86.99

PZ2014 4 Car Set REA Express 40' Reefers $86.99


Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekly Marklin Train Sale

This week we are offering on sale:
M37054 2008Q2 Dgtl DRG cl 59 Bellingrodt Edition Part 3 Steam Loco w/Display Case (L) Discounted Price $854.40 – Weekly Sale $769.99 SAVE OVER $85.00!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marklin Trains New Item Arrivals

The M39971 Catenary Service Vehicle with the Catenary Parts Car has sold out at the factory but we have a limited number of extra pieces. These New Marklin Trains will arrive here next week:

M37097 2009 Qtr.1 Dgtl DB Era III Cl. 85 Tank Locomotive $423.00

M37416 2009 Qtr.1 Dgtl SJ Era V Cl. Rc 3 Electric Locomotive (L) $306.00

M39803 2009 Qtr.2 Dgtl DB Era IV Cl. 220 Diesel Locomotive $522.00

M39971 2009 Qtr.1 Dgtl DB Pwd Catenary Maint.Rail Car w/Catenary Parts Car (EX) Category: H0 Locomotives $423.00

M44198 2009 Qtr.2 Era V Bionade Refrigerator Car $18.00

M44199 2009 Qtr.2 Era V Wulle Bier Beer Car $18.00

M47562 2009 Qtr.2 German BP AG Era V Petroleum Oil Tank Car $45.00

M55563 2009 Qtr.2 150 Years of Märklin Dgtl SBB Era III Cl. Ce 6/8 II Heavy Freight Loco (L) $2673.00 (SPECIAL PRICE due to customer cancellation: $2299.99 - BELOW Early Bird Pricing!)

M44150 2009 Qtr.2 Marklin HO Full Steam Ahead into the Future Freight Car - Limited $27.00


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marklin and LGB New Item Deliveries

These NEW items from both Marklin and LGB finally made it to the USA! The M39013 Insider Locomotive is sold out at the factory but we have 2 pieces available.

LGB2908 LGB Catalog 2008/2009 $25.99

LGB44880 2009 Qtr.1 Rhaetian RR High Side Gondola, Weathered $102.00

LGB45895 2009 Qtr.1 Rhaetian RR COOP Broccoli Container Car $170.00

M37993 2009 Qtr.1 Dgtl UP Era III Big Boy Cl. 4000 Steam Locomotive w/Tender (L) $1053.00

M39013 (2 remain Available to order) 2008Q4 Insider Digital DB cl 01 150th Anniversary Express Loco with a Tender $611.10

M48009 2009 Qtr.2 2009 H0 Museum Car Set (L) $61.20


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Marklin Trains Weekly Blog Sale

We're trying something new! We're running Weekly Sales shown ONLY in our Blog since they only last 7 days. When ordering these on line or over the phone, merely request the "Blog Sale Prices" (in "Comments" when checking out on-line). Each Weekly Sale runs Saturday through Friday. This week's specials:

M36835 2007 (March) Digital DB AG DB AG cl 146.1 Electric Locomotive Regularly $160.20 - Sale Price $119.99

M46715 2006Q2 Crane Car Set with Working Dgtl Functions Regularly $151.30 - Sale Price $114.99

M82622 2005Q3 Silo 3-Car Set for Grain Transport (L) Regularly $125.49 - Sale Price $93.99

All Weekly Sales are "While Supplies Last" but need not be in stock here as they will be specially ordered to fill as many orders as possible at these incredible prices.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Marklin 150th Anniversary Train Station from Vollmer Arrived

Today we received a special V3150 Vollmer kit with a "Marklin 150th Anniversary" station model. These are limited to 1500 pieces worldwide and we were very pleased to get our first kits. Only $59.99.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marklin Insider model 39013

We were informed today that we will be able to obtain two extra Marklin Insider model 39013 locomotives upon delivery. This locomotive commemorates the Class 01 (Number 01 150) Museum Loco that was rebuilt following the museum fire of October 2005. We had previously sold out of this loco and are very pleased to be able to again offer these two additional pieces.