Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marklin Deliveries...or the lack thereof

For 2010, the deliveries of Marklin products to the USA through Walthers has been very poor. The factory is producing just fine. And it's not that we're not ordering restocks, it's that the fill rates on our orders have been pathetic at best. This week's order containing 90 different Marklin items (lines) is having only 25 different Marklin items being shipped. That's less than a 28% fill rate. Walther's is not maintaining the stock levels we enjoyed with Marklin, Inc. and have moved into the apparent mode of "ordering from the factory after the dealers order the items". This has resulted in our inability to keep even the bread and butter items in stock. We just wanted to let you know that we're doing our best to keep the items you need in stock. The supply chain just isn't cooperating. Walther's is just now receiving their second shipment for the year. We ran numbers this morning for 2010 and NOT including "New" items, we've ordered 343 lines this year and 265 remain on backorder. (77.26%!!!) Worse than we thought.



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