Monday, April 14, 2008

Märklin & Trix Early Bird Preorder Deadline April 15th

Tomorrow, April 15th, is the deadline for placing Märklin & Trix Early Bird Preorders and getting the BEST PRICES all year for 2008 items. Mail-in orders postmarked no later than April 15, 2008 will be accepted as well as on-line orders.

Our "Regular" Preorder Program will continue until the end of April. As of May 1st our prices will reflect our normally discounted prices.


Märklin 60172/6017 Digital Boosters

The 60172 Digital Booster was introduced in 2005 to replace the 6017 Digital Booster. Märklin promised us in early 2007 that the 60172 "would finally be delivered during in 2007". It never appeared. We have been told that the Märklin factory production schedule doesn't include the 60172 during 2008! They will, however, produce some 6017's this Summer. We have ordered some for stock and have also begun another production run of our own MO-625 100va Digital Boosters and our matching MO-630 130va Transformers to help fill in while we wait another year.

For those customers waiting for their Preordered/backordered M60172's, we can offer a $25.00 credit towards either the M6017 Digital Booster or $50.00 credit towards our own MO-625 Booster/MO-630 Transformer Combo when they cancel their order for the M60172 until June 1st, 2008. We just don't know how much longer we'll be waiting for the elusive M60172's.

Extra MO-625's and MO-630's will then be sold to any other customers.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Used C Track, Digital Components and Rolling Stock Coming!

We have negotiated with a seller and he is shipping his collection to us as we speak. Included in the shipments will be over 425 pieces of C Track, C turnouts (many fully digitalized), a M29845 Mega Starter Set, three 6040 Keyboards, some cars & car sets and several locos plus over 200 pieces of M Track and signals. There also appears to be an older metal Marklin Roundhouse and some miscellaneous freight cars thrown in for good measure.

REMEMBER: 7 Days left for placing Early Bird Preorders and getting our BEST prices of the year! April 15th deadline.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Märklin Prices => Lowered For You!

We finalized pricing last week and just wanted to let you know the GOOD NEWS! While our average cost increased about 10.5% on average, we managed to tighten our belts and actually DECREASED PRICES an average of about 1.4% for a difference of almost 12%! Our prices are now even more competitive and YOU are the winners. We've made adjustments in our operation here in order to pass along these savings. Our service level will remain the best in the industry. Thanks for your support. Bill Ott

P.S. - Our Early Bird Preorder deadline is approaching fast on April 15th.