Thursday, February 26, 2009

LGB Trains Now Added to our Preorder Program

Today we updated our web site with the addition of the New LGB Items for 2009 along with an LGB Early Bird Preorder listing. Initial deliveries of "new" and "regularly cataloged" LGB items are expected to begin arriving in April. We will be adding more LGB pages to our web site as soon as LGB Catalogs arrive here. We look forward to expanding our offerings into this famous garden railway brand.

Start your Early Bird Preorder soon!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marklin and Trix Photos Now Available

Today we uploaded all the photos we have of the New Items from both Marklin and Trix. As soon as we get the new items brochures, we will revise the photos to include the technical information about all items.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Marklin and Trix 2009 New Item Pricing Now In Place...again

As reported on February 16th, Walthers LOWERED PRICES on the New Items for 2009. The average price decrease was 10% which makes us very happy! Preorder Prices save you 5-10% OFF of our normal discount prices through April 30th. Our Early Bird Preorder prices are good through April 15th. Early Bird Prices save an additional 3% OFF of our Preorder Prices.

New item brochures haven't been received yet so images and descriptions of the products will be added as soon as they arrive.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Marklin and Trix New Items for 2009

About a week ago we added the New 2009 items from Marklin and Trix to our normal listings with Early Bird Preorder Pricing. While I was away last week, Walthers announced that they have LOWERED PRICES on both Marklin and Trix new items. As such, our pricing on our web site needs to be adjusted. We expect to have the revised pricing on our web site later this week. Be assured that ALL previously placed preorders will receive these lowered prices. (also) We're looking forward to a very exciting 150th Anniversary of Marklin this year. Also be aware that Marklin and Trix will not be "over-producing" their limited items this year and many will sell out long before they get delivered.