Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Collector items we obtained

A good customer sadly passed away last April. We have purchased his items back from his widow. The only "used" items he had were items he bought that were already used. We learned he never set up a layout in spite of having a lot of brand new track still in their boxes. He liked the USA prototype pieces in particular! Some items already sold but here is the majority of what we purchased:

"GSxxxx" are "used" items. They appear on our website at modellbahnott.com/marklinhomepage/used whereas the new items appear in our regular listing and carry a full two year warranty.

GS1315B (M24611) C LEFT TURNOUT - Powered & Digitalized ($84.06
NEW) 51.95
GS1316A (M24620) Double Slip Turnout 29.99
GS1316B (M24624) Double Slip Turnout Powered, Lighted - ($97.62
NEW) 67.95
GS1316C (M24624) Double Slip Turnout Powered, Lighted & Digitalized -
($118.74 NEW) 74.95
GS1326 (M24530) 6pcs./Box 99Q2 C Track Curved Track 25-5/16in. 3.65
GS1333 (M24206) 6pcs./Box WIDE CURVE 5.7 DEGREE 1.95
GS1342 (M24712) 99Q3 C Track Right Wide Radius Turnout 9-5/16in. -
minimal usage 24.99
GS1345 (M24978) C LIGHTED BUMPER 8.5
GS1346 (M24640) C CROSSING 24.3 DEGREE 10.99
GS1347 (M37490) PRR type GG1 Heavy General Purpose Locomotive (E)
(Prototypically Painted version) - Very light adult usage! 399.95
M18752 2006Q2 Fire Dept Vehicle Equipment Truck 25.16
M37492 2007 (January) Digital PRR GG-1 Electric Locomotive (Tuscan
Red) (E) 589.00
M37611 2004Q3 Digital Diesel Locomotive type ALCO PA-1 AT & SF 433.23
M41551 Summer 2004 Harry Potter 3-Car Set - Discontinued 2005 146.51
M43601 Fall '98 Santa Fe Coach 107.47
M43602 Fall '98 Santa Fe Sleeper Coach 107.47
M43603 Fall '98 Santa Fe Baggage Car 107.47
M43604 2002 (October) AT & SF Santa Fe Railway Observation Car 138.17
M45580 2004Q4 Tank 3 Car Set type 105A ACF (L) - Discontinued 2005
M45650 2005Q2 PRR type XM Freight 3-Car Set (E) 133.35
M45651 2005Q2 AT & SF type XM Freight 3-Car Set (E) 133.35
M45705 2005Q4 PRR type N5c Caboose (E) 64.68
M4580 (Brand New Old Stock) Sold Out Autumn '95 4/95 Caboose &
Flatcar 150th Anniv. of Texas Car Set 128.92
M46117 NLA 12/12/2006 2005Q4 Excl 4/05 DB Fire Dept. Fire
Extinguishing Water Car 68.58
M47911 2005Q4 Excl 4/05 DB AG Fire Dept. Fire Extinguishing Water
Car 39.91
M48667 2002Q3 H.D. Flatcar w/Airport Firetruck - Excl 3/02 87.21



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