Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marklin Summer Items & Exclusiv 2/08 Items

A few weeks ago Marklin announced New Summer Items & Exclusiv 2/08 Items but there were no good images for the products. Now that we have good images and information, we've updated our listings with all of the photos and technical information. We chose to not include the new M59xxx Gauge 1 track in this list due its limited interest. Two items are particulary interesting and have already begun to sell well. Marklin has introduced the Orient Express Locomotive and Car Sets in both HO (M39021, M42755 & M72760) and Z (M81080). These are certain to sell out with their never-ending popularity. Here is the new list:

M00780 2008 October 9-Piece Farm Equipment Display (3-pc Price) - Summer New Item 89.99
M39021 2008Q3 Digital Baden Express Locomotive w/Tender - Excl. 2/08 555.28
M42755 2008Q3 CIWL Express Train Passenger 5-Car Set - Excl. 2/08 456.72
M42760 2008Q3 CIWL Express Train Passenger 2-Car Set - Excl. 2/08 183.04
M42761 2008 October DSB Passenger Coach 2-Car Set - Summer New Item 105.60
M42814 2008 October DSB Passenger Coach 2-Car Set - Summer New Item 105.60
M46753 2008Q3 DB Storck Tank 2-Car Set with Truck & Trailer - Excl. 2/08 85.36
M48508 2008 September Annual Marklin HO Magazin Car - Summer New Item 45.76
M48947 2008Q3 DB Birkel Eier-Nudeln Container 2-Car Set with Truck - Excl. 2/08 85.36
M58118 2008 August DB Pwg Pr 14 Freight Train Baggage Car with Interior Lighting & Details - Summer Item 631.84
M58239 2008 May DB Stake Car with Truck Load - Summer Item 200.64
M58512 2008 October DB Dump Car - Summer Item 368.72
M58513 2008 October DB Dump Car - Summer Item 381.92
M58553 2008 October DB Flat Car with Containers - Summer Item 395.12
M58612 2008 October DB Silo Container Car - Summer Item 263.12
M72070 2008 June Bracket for Catenary Hanger Arm - Summer New Item 13.20
M74445 2008 October Digital Turnout Mechanism Set - Limited (Includes M74490 & M74460) - Summer Item 48.40
M76511 2008 June Cradle Bunkers for Coaling Station - Summer Item 131.12
M78103 2008 June Roller Test Stand with Speed Measurement Tool - Summer Item 263.12
M78109 2008 September Extension for M78103 Roller Test Stand - Summer Item 52.80
M80818 2008 August Annual Marklin Z Magazin Car - Summer New Item 39.60
M81080 2008 July International Long Distance Passenger Train - Summer New Item 574.64
M86619 2008Q3 KPEV Freight 3-Car Set - Excl. 2/08 117.04
M88941 2008Q4 KPEV Tank Locomotive - Excl. 2/08 278.08
M89022 2008 June PKW 10 Automobiles Set - Summer New Item 42.24

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Marklin 2008 New Items Delivered

We've now received deliveries of these Marklin and Trix items that are new for 2008:

M36825 2008Q2 Digital British Army on the Rhine Royal Corps of Trans (RCT) Diesel Loco (L) - 4MFOR 255.20
M37636 2008Q1 Dgtl CFL type MaK 1206 Diesel Loco (L) 378.40
M37848 2008Q1 Dgtl DB cl 50 Steam Loco w/Tender 536.80
M37887 2008Q2 Dgtl SNCF cl 150X Loco w/Tender & Crew Car 563.20
M37966 2008Q1 Dgtl DRG cl 96 Tank Loco 563.20
M39421 2008Q1 Dgtl SBB/CFF/FFS cl Re 4/4 Electric Loco 404.80
M43361 2008Q1 SBB/CFF/FFS type A 1st class Lightweight Steel Passenger Car 57.20
M43371 2008Q1 SBB/CFF/FFS type B 2nd class Lightweight Steel Passenger Car 57.20
M43381 2008Q1 SBB/CFF/FFS type B 2nd class Lightweight Steel Passenger Car 57.20
M43401 2008Q1 SBB/CFF/FFS type D Lightweight Steel Baggage Car 57.20
M44196 2008Q1 Alfred Ritter Refrigerator Car 17.60
M44197 2008Q1 Klosterbrauerei Andechs Beer Car 17.60
M44533 2008Q2 HO Doornkaat Glass Tank Car - Exclusive 01/08 64.24
M46460 2008Q2 DB AG Sulfuric Acid Tank 3-Car Set 114.40
M47010 2008Q2 CFL Sliding Tarp 2-Car Set (L) 88.00
M47950 2008Q2 British Army on the Rhine: Set with Loaded Supply Vehicles and Crew Car (L) - 4MFOR 130.24
M48008 2008Q2 2008 H0 Museum Car (L) 70.40
M55803 2008Q2 Dgtl DB cl 220 Diesel Loco (L) 2376.00
M55901 2008Q1 Dgtl DB cl 01 Steam Loco w/Tender (L) 3696.00
M56160 2008Q1 Gantry Signal Tower Building Kit 132.00
M56180 2008Q1 Coaling Station Building Kit 154.00
M58542 2008Q2 2008 1 Gauge Museum Car (L) 316.80
M72896 2008Q1 28 Foot Loco Shed for Small Locos Building Kit 19.36
M72897 2008Q2 40 Foot Loco Shed Building Kit 32.56
M72900 2008Q2 Transformer Station Building Kit 19.36
M80019 2008Q2 2008 Z Gauge Museum Car (L) 52.80
M82623 2008Q2 SNCF High Capacity Covered Hopper 2-Car Set (L) 92.40
M89702 2008Q2 Neuwintersdorf Station w/Freight Shed Building Kit 45.76
M89704 2008Q2 Apartment House w/Multiple Use Structure Building Kit 52.80
T15269 2008Q2 Sudzucker Silo Car 26.40
T15851 2008Q1 DB Pop Colors Express Train Passenger 5-Car Set 167.20