Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Marklin Arriving Friday 12/21 (4MFOR Military)

We received notice today that we will receive quantities of the following items on Friday:

M18505 2007 (August) H0 German Federal Army Dingo 1 General Purpose Transport Vehicle
M37849 2007Q4 DRG Class 50 Steam Locomotive with Tender - Fall New Item
M43880 2007 (August) DB type AD4üm-62 Express Train Rheingold Vista Dome Car
M46952 2007 (August) H0 German Federal Army Kbs 443 Stake Car & Dingo 1 Vehicle
M46954 2007 (September) H0 German Federal Army Kbs 443 Stake Car & 2 Wolf Vehicles
M47142 2007Q4 DB AG Type Snps 719 Stake 3-Car Set Excl 3/07
M78070 2007Q4 Railroad Crossing Track Extension Set Excl 3/07


Monday, December 17, 2007

Marklin Track Delivery

As expected, our first portion of track restock arrived today. More later this week.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

C Track Arrival (Go to track ordering)

We will receive a shipment of C track on Monday, December 17th and another track shipment later in the week to fill in those missing items. We will update the web pages shortly after the shipment arrives. Track sales have been very heavy these last few weeks and we're catching up. Thanks, Bill Ott


Friday, December 14, 2007

Marklin 2007 Item Delivery Including the Christmas Cars

We received these 2007 items from Marklin including the new Christmas Cars. They were delivered unusually early for Marklin. Some of these may have been delivered previously also.

M07421 2007Q4 Electrical Manual - Controlling Locomotives, Trains & Accessories - ENGLISH TEXT - Fall New Item - Over 100 pages.
M39970 2007 (October) Digital DB cl 701 Powered Catenary Maintenance Rail Car
M39981 2007 (October) Digital ÖBB Railbus with Control Car (L)
M48407 2007Q4 HO Christmas Car - Fall New Item
M48534 2007Q4 DB 598 Flatcar w/Containers & Truck Excl 3/07
M72021 2007 (September) Current Conducting Coupler Set (use with M73400)
M80617 2007Q4 Z Christmas Car (Car in Ornament) - Fall New Item
T12314 New 2007 Insider Minitrix Express Locomtotive


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Latest Marklin New Item Deliveries 12/11/07

This is a list of items recently delivered to us as NEW Items from Marklin:
M07421 2007Q4 Electrical Manual - Controlling Locomotives, Trains & Accessories - ENGLISH TEXT - Fall New Item - Over 100 pages.
M0761 New 2007 (August) (4 Pc. Price) Sugar Beet Freight Car Display with 24 Cars (L)
M0771 2007Q4 Auto Plant 40 Metal Mercedes Benz Cars (complete set) - Fall New Item
M0772 2007Q4 Auto Plant 32 Metal Mercedes Benz Vehicles (complete set) - Fall New Item
M26218 New 2007 (August) Digital DB Regio Regional Express Commuter Train (L)
M29106 2007Q4 HO Freight Starter Set With Basic Digital Multi-train Control Unit and Transformer. (USA Only) - Limited
M37039 New 2007 (July) Digital DRG cl 38 Passenger Locomotive
M37662 New 2007 (September) Digital NSB cl Di3 Diesel Locomotive w/Snow Plows (E)
M39050 2007 Insider HO Class 05 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive with Tender
M39890 New 2007 (September) Digital DB AG cl 189 Railon Electric Locomotive
M43870 New 2007 (August) DB type WR4üm-62 Express Train Rheingold Dining Car
M46328 New 2007 (June) Herforder Pils 3-Car Hopper Set Excl. 2/07
M46617 New 2007 (May) SNCF Silo Container 3-Car Set (E)
M46963 2007Q4 DB AG Type Kbs 443 Stake Car w/Transformer Load - Fall New Item
M47002 New 2007 (July) DB Cargo type Rils 652 Low Side Car w/Sliding Tarp Cover
M47005 New 2007 (September) SBB/CFF/FFS type Rs Flat Car w/Stakes and Load
M47006 New 2007 (September) NS type Rens Low Side Car w/Stakes (L)
M48507 New 2007 (September) Marklin Magazin Annual HO Car Set
M72050 2007Q4 Ground Springs Package of 5 (for 73400 or 73401 w/72020 & 72021) - Fall New Item
M74500 2007Q4 HO Heating Locomotive Station w/Stack - Fall New Item
M87564 New 2007 (September) KPEV Passenger 3-Car Set (L)
M87583 New 2007 (September) KPEV Mail Car & Baggage Car w/Trucks (L)


Friday, December 7, 2007

Marklin 60212 Central Station Updates

The software and hardware updates for the 60212 Central Station are now being performed. We’ve been told that Marklin, Inc only has enough kits to last into late December. Additional kits are expected in April 2008. Customers should get their units sent in as soon as possible if they desire the update in 2007.


6627 and 6001 Transformer Exchange Program

Marklin is still offering the transformer exchange program for 6627 and 6001 transformers but has temporarily run out of 60055’s to exchange for the 6001’s. 6646’s are available for the 6627 exchanges to continue at this time.


Marklin 07421 Electrical Manual

Marklin announced a new 07421 Electrical Manual in the Fall 2007 brochure. It’s titled “Controlling Switching Running Electrical Manual” and covers all of the electrical aspects of the recent digital control system as well as the current Central Station controls. It also covers the use of signals and is quite informative.


Marklin & Trix 2007 Catalogs

The Marklin Catalog for 2007 will include all scales and will be available in both softbound (M17162) and CD Rom (M17190) versions. Trix versions (M17178/17191) will also be available. Delivery is expected to be mid-late December. They are available to backorder.